OEHLBACH 17021 PowerSocket 905 Hi Fi 8 prese 2 USB OFC CIABATTA

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Oehlbach 17021 PowerSocket 905 Hi-Fi multi-socket 8 sockets 2 USB This multiple socket has 8 single sockets in total that can be switched on or off by the main switch. The Powersocket 905 also features 2 USB sockets for charging multimedia devices, such as MP3 players and tablet PCs. The 2 USB sockets are also controlled by the power switch. A stable power supply is also guaranteed, even for components with high power requirements thanks to the transverse cross section of the well-dimensioned internal cable of 2.1 mm² . * Made of highly pure oxygen-free copper and full brass gold-plated brass guides always guarantee a constant supply of current, even for components with high energy requirements. stereo2000.it

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  • OEHLBACH 17021 PowerSocket 905 Multipresa Hi-Fi 8 prese 2 USB OFC CIABATTA

Technical features:

8 single slot slots
2 USB sockets
Power switch included
Multiple socket: 24-carat gold-plated contacts

Overvoltage protection with LED
Current filter with sheath to prevent ground loop
Reliable contact
Plastic casing with glossy finish