OPERA SECONDA SE new speakers hi fi Rear reflex wood

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Rear reflex floorstanding speakers hi fi speakers Differing from the previous cabinet model, there are two rear reflex that can be closed using the polyurethane cylinder dotazione.Poi are staying modificheal cabinet and to cross-over. The 7 \"woofers are made Scanspeak production of specifications for all the Classic series. woofer Scanspeak 7 \"have an excellent performance in the midrange fact are also used as midrange. Equipped with aluminum diaphragm, moving coil 38 mm. The two woofers, share the same volume of 40 liters. The tweeter series D26sempre Scanspeak, is a transducer value with soft double magnet dome, decompression chamber, ferrofluid, aluminum flange and 1mm peak-to-peak excursion. Opera II is a true speaker 4 ohm nominal and respects the norms DIN 45500, ie minimum greater than 3.2 ohm impedance. A perfect match for any amplifier worthy construction 4ohm. stereo2000.it
OPERA SECONDA SE new speakers hi fi Rear reflex  wood

Technical features:

Dimensions: 102 x 24.5 x 43 cm (h x w x d)
Weight: 45 kg
System: Floor Closed box reflex duct rear
Finishes: leather

Loudspeakers: 2 Woofer 7 "(18 cm) - alluminio1 diaphragm tweeter 1 inch dome Scanspeak Silk, decompressed

Number of routes: 2 and a half
Frequency response: 30-30000 in environment
Cross-over: woofer: Low Pass 12 dB / ottavaTweeter: High Pass 12 dB / octave
Cross-over frequency: 2200 Hz
Maximum power: 140 watts RMS
Recommended amplifier:
From 10 to 200 Watts RMS or more without clipping
Sensitivity 89 dB / 2.83Vrms / 1 meter
Nominal Impedance 4 ohm (Z min> 3.4 ohm)
Maximum power 120 watts RMS
Position in the Environment is not recommended placement in a corner
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