AUDIO ANALOGUE AIRTECH MAESTRO Anniversary amplifer hi fi dual mono pre ampli e finale 150w

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Audio Analogue Maestro Anniversary AIRTECH is given by a chain of fully balanced amplification from the entrance to the final stage where returns unbalanced to connect to the speakers. All stages are deprived of global feedback. The output power is 150W at 8Ω with downsizing of the driver and final stages now use 4 channel transistor pairs. A single gain stage followed by the output buffer. Stability is maintained by DC Servo who work at minimum frequency, a few tenths of Hertz. After 15 years resurfaces a refined unit of considerable power, impedance and easy to fly. Master amplifier consists of 3 elements Power supply 1 600VA with a transformer for each channel, full wave bridge rectifier with ultrafast diodes 50A, the filtering capacity of 67,200 uF, the firing with controlled current cue from resistors excluded from the signal path. Amplifier 2 2 separate amplifiers as masses and that as power supplies, dual mono configuration. On the printed copper it is twice the nora, optimizes signal paths and keeps the symmetry of the stadiums. 3 Preamplifier preamp dual mono. behind the connectors there are the relays of the channels followed by a buffer balanced to isolate the amplifier from the source, the input voltage can 6VRMS, buffers balanced IN and drive out in class A the four chips of the volume. There is no kind of global feedback in the Master. then there is the pramplificatore that amplifies until 12dB. Then there is an amplifier and a preamplifier a separate final.

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Technical features:

Numero di canali 2
Impedenza di ingresso 47Ohm
Massimo segnale d'ingresso 6Vrms
Potenza su carico da 8Ω 150W @ 1% THD + N
Potenza su carico da 4Ω 300W @ 1% THD + N
Potenza su carico da 2Ω 500W @ 1% THD + N
Sensibilità(Potenza nominale su 8Ω) 720Rrms
Risposta in frequenza(Att. 0dB, Banda a -3dB) 90KHz
Resistenza di uscita(Potenza nominale su 2Ω ad 1kHz) 0.2Ohm
Livello di rumore(Limiti di Banda 0Hz-80kHz/Pesato A) =20µV/=10µV µV
SNR =100 dB
Assorbimento in standby(230VAC) 0.7W
Dimensioni(AxLxP) 168x450x550 mm
Peso31 Kg