AUDIOLAB 8300 CD SILVER CD DACESS Sabre32 9018, USB-IN DSD64 32bit/384khz DSD

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AUDIOLAB 8300 CD SILVER hi fi CD player DAC ESS Sabre32 9018, USB-IN DSD64 Also interesting is the review of the previous 8200CD, a player who a few years ago had fascinated experts and passionate instrumental measures for record-breaking, for the wide flexibility of use, for his musical talents (he was virtually the project \"father\" of ' M-Dac, with toroidal transformer and most complete power supply section). On the front panel we poled The handy display 128x64 pixels (useful for settings, volume control, track information, etc ...), the CD loading slot, the power key, and 10 dedicated buttons. The heart of the conversion is the acclaimed dac ESS Sabre32 9018 , here put to work even with new formats and higher resolutions, this is the main novelty. 8300CD player in fact we find a USB input that can hook up to resolutions 32bit / 384kHz with full backward compatibility format DSD (DSD64 / 128/256) . With the arrival of DSD Management is also updated digital filters, in addition to the classics already known filters with the previous series and mdac, they add more filters 4 , which manage the bandwidth. Google Traduttore per il Business:Translator ToolkitTraduttore di siti webStrumento a supporto dell'export

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  • AUDIOLAB 8300 CD black lettore CD hi fi DAC ESS Sabre329018, DSD64 USB-IN 32bit/384khz

Technical features:

On the back we find a number of inputs and outputs. On the analog front features the classic outputs single ended RCA and balanced XLR. On the digital front, we have the aforementioned USB input to which are added 2 coaxial inputs, two optical and a digital input of the second XLR AES / EBU format.

We also have digital outputs, if we want to use the USB promising to match it to an older converter, maybe lacks a quality usb input.

Interesting is the possibility of using the player as a digital preamplifier. According Audiolab is perfectly able to operate as a preamplifier for driving, in addition to the monoblocks owners, also any other ending or integrated with the "main entrance."

There is much to experience, and in fact the low impedance output of the player, allows flexibility in combinations.

There are many valid elements of this new electronic torque. We await curious the first field tests of musical selections.