REGA APOLLO R new CD PLAYER hi fi CONVERTER DAC Wolfson WM8742 digital analog outputs

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REGA APOLLO R CD PLAYER hi fi CONVERTER DAC Wolfson WM8742 digital analog outputs Rega Apollo-R CD HO FI comes after years of advanced research, innovation, and software development, in addition to the particular elegance of linia. The design path of REGA engineers comes from the award-winning CD and Rega Isis DACed comes to the revolutionary Apollo-R. Created in parallel all'amplifcatore REGA Brio-R develops a section versatile connecting with an improved control with analog and digital outputs that make the perfect mechanics to match a amplifer HI FI as the Brio. Improved internal circuitry also compacting the board layout . REGA Wolfson WM8742 DAC Improved the supply for the CD processor, the optical block, the amplifier laser diodes using the same power supply, low noise and high performance used in the CD Reference Isis. This drastically improves the naturalness, error correction and the electronic management of the Apollo-R rotation.

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  • REGA APOLLO R new  LETTORE CD hi fi DAC CONVERTITORE Wolfson WM8742 uscite analogiche digitali

Technical features:

New DAC Wolfson WM8742
     Best output amplifier circuit
     Best Digital Stage Feeds
     Best User Interface
     New Analog and Digital Outputs
     CD remote control with amplifier control functionality
     Dimensions: Width 220mm x Depth 320mm x Height 90mm
     Required operation area: Width 220mm x 350mm Depth x Height 180mm.