Privacy policy

In this page there is the description of the privacy policy adopted by STEREO 2000 snc on its website referred to the privacy of the visitors.

The following disclosures is given according to the art.13 of D. law n° 196/2003 – privacy code for the visitors that use the web services of STEREO 2000 snc, attainable via telematics.

The disclosures is based also on the reference n°2/2001 that the European Authorities for the protection of personal data, gathered on the Group of Guarantors of art. 29 of n°95/46/CE, have adopted on the May, 15th 2001 in order to select the requirement standard to have to protect the privacy of personal data on-line.

Data controller

The use of this web site can take the processing data referred to identified or identifiable person.
The data controller is STEREO 2000 snc Dino and Paolo Pinton, with registered office in viale San Marco 30, Marcon (Venice) - Italy.

Site of the processing personal data

The web site can be visited without the necessity to give any personal data.
The personal data given throughout Web to STEREO 2000 snc are kept in the registered office of the society.
The data can be processed only by technical staff appointee or by delegated for occasional maintenance.

Kind of data treated


The informative systems and the software procedure useful to the function of the website obtain, during its normal exercise, some personal data – the broadcast of these data is implicit in the protocols of the web.

It means information not collected in order to identify a person, but that for its own nature will be able the identification of the specific individual.

On these data are included the IP address or domain name of the pc referring website address, the URI address (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the requested resources., the time of the request, the way used to make the request to the server, the size of files obtain, the number code of the server response and other info connected to the operating system.

These data are used only to have anonymous statistics about the use of this web site and in order to control the correct function. They should be used also to ensure accountability in case of computer crimes: on the contrary, the personal data will be kept for maximum 30 days.


If you send voluntarily some info by mail to the web address of this site, your mail will be acquired in order to answer to your request.

Optionality data

The user can give the personal data in order to interchange professional o commercial contacts with STEREO 2000 snc or to press of the delivery of informative material. On the contrary, it should be possible that the service required will not be available.

Treatment modalities

Personal data are treated as long as it is necessary for the service required.
There are specific security measures to prevent the lost of the data, not correct use of them and not authorized access.

User right

The users the data are referred to, for the art. 7 of the n. 196/2003, have the right to obtain, at any time, the confirmation of the existence or not of their data, to verify if they are correct and/or to ask the modification, the update, the change, the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form or the stop of the data treated not following the law, or to object to the treatment of them.

These requests , for the art. 7 of the n. 196/2003 have to be done to STEREO 2000 snc Dino and Paolo Pinton,

by mail: viale San Marco 30, 30020 Marcon (Venezia) - Italia.
by e-mail:

Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy is part of the above privacy informative.

The user can give his consent to the use of the cookie going on with the browsing on the website, that is making a click on one of the internal link, or on the key “accept the cookie”, as requested by the Guarantee of the personal data protection. (n. 229 May, 8th 2014).

The cookie are made of codes (files) sent by the server to the internet browser of the user, subsequently stored on the user pc and then re-sent to the server for any necessity or following access to the site.

Usually a cookie contain the name of the web site from which the cookie arrive, how many time the cookie will stay on the user pc and a value that is a number made casually.

For each following access, the cookies are sent to the web site that has created them (first part cookies) or to another site that recognize them (third part cookies). The cookies are useful to give to the web site the possibility to recognize the user pc and have different services, for example, the possibility to browning between the web pages, recognize the favorite web sites, and improve the internet browsing. They guarantee also that the online advertising content are more specific for each user and his interests.

The user can decide to disable the cookies, but in this case some advanced and customized features will not be available to you.

You have the ability to accept or decline cookies by modifying your browser settings. The most part of the internet browser are set up to accept the cookie automatically, but the user can modify this set up to stop the cookies or to have a notification when the cookies are sent to his pc.

There are different way to manage the cookies; it is necessary to set up the higher protection level on the pc in order to disable the cookies.

Here below how manage the cookies from the following browser:

If the user use different way to enter to the web site (for example pc, smartphone, tablet, etc..) it is necessary to set up each device following your own preferences about cookies. In order to delete the cookies from the browser of smartphone or tablet, you have to see the instruction.

The web site, use different kind of cookies, and each of them has a specific function. The site use the cookies to improve and made faster the internet browsing. Farther more, to made statistics research in order to know the preferences of the users and give a better service and contents.

Technical cookies

The technical cookies are necessary for the correct function of the site; they save the session of the user and registered the internet browsing.

In this category there are also the “analytical” cookies that are useful to understand how the user use the site giving different information about the number of session and visited pages, the time passed on the site and if there are some error message. These info should be associated to some user details such as IP address, domain or browser; however they are analyzed with the info of other users so it isn’t possible to identify a particular person. These cookies are collected in an anonymous form only to improve the service of the site.

The site use or can use, combined each other the cookies:

  • Of "session" that are registered on the user pc for technical requirement, to consent a safety internet browsing of the site; they will be delete at the end of the session with the closing of the browser;
  • "persistent" that stay saved on the hard disk until they deadline or the cancellation by the user. With these cookies the user who enter to the site are recognized during each access.

Third part cookies

When the user enter to the site, it is possible that some cookies not controlled by the owner of the site. This happen for example if the user click on a page that contains info from another site. In this case the user will receive the cookies from this new site of third part. On the third part cookies the owner of the site cannot have control and cannot enter at the data. These info are controlled only by the third part society as descript on their privacy policy.

The following list, describe the cookies present on the site. These are exclusively under the responsibility of the third manager and are divided on these macro-categories:

  • Analytical: they are cookies used to collect and analyze statistics information on the access to the web site. In some case, associated to the info insert during the access (as the IP address and the password), can be used to make a profile of the user (personal habit, web site visited, content downloaded, etc..).
  • Widgets: all the graphic components of a program, that help the user during the use of the program itself (for example the cookie of Facebook, Google+, Twitter).
  • Advertising: in this category there are the cookies used to give advertising services of a web site.