Payment and shipping methods

Shipping methods

We use only specilized courier with insured carrier; so in case of products damaged during the shipment, we will substitute immediately the goods or we will give back the payment.

Delivery in 2/3 working days.

The tracking number will be sent to the customer in order to check the delivery date.

Availability of the product

If any product will be not available in the stock, we will be able to find and send it within 7 days; If this would not be possibile, we will contact the customer in order to give the possibility to confirm or delete the order.

Return conditions

According to the law, any product can be returned within 7 days from the purchase date; it must be with its original packaging, not damaged and completed with all the accessories.

In case of return the costs of shipment have to be payed completely by the customer.

Before giving back a product it is necessary to contact STEREO 2000 s.n.c

Payment methods

It is possibile to choose between these kind of payments:


t is possibile to pay between bank transfer to the bank account details indicated at the moment of the purchase. The delivery will be done the day of the accreditation ( within 3 to 5 working days).


The website give the possibility to pay through paypal services; a service that guarantee a purchase with extreme safety and that accept the most credit cards.

It is not obligatory to have a paypal account to made a payment.

All the paypal transaction are made with a safety connection.

No one data relative to the credit cards or nabk account will be stored or registered by the website

All the paymnet process is managed by Paypal,a well-known service that made a lot of payment a day.


It is possibile to pay cash at the moment of the delivery directly at the address reported at the moment of the order. The payment can be only cash directly at the courier.

This kind of payment could have an increase of the amount.